Monday, December 3, 2012

When things are bad, and when things are good

Everything in my life has been chaotic lately...chaotic bad, but also chaotic good... I find myself having constant joy in the LORD, and all the while forcing myself to remeber why I smile. But I also find that in the midst of pain and struggle, I am not only praying to Him, but praising Him. This is something that has required much practice, practice, practice, and much hammer, hammer, hammer.

“I hunger for filling in a world that is starved.”  (Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts). Isn't that the truth, though? That this world is starved. This world is hungry; but most of us don't know what for... we strive and long for something of fulfillment, something to give us satisfaction, but we so often look for that as it being something of this world...not just in it, but of it.. we look for the humanistic side of things, rathere than the heaven-pointed side of things. we look for lust when we should be looking for true love from Him. We look for money when all our riches are in Him. We look for power when He is the one that gives power! Don't you see? All of our needs, all of our wants, all of our desires, our cravings, our strivings...they are all found completely perfect in Him. Not in this world, but in Him!!!

I'm kinda jumping from one subjec to the other tonight...but something else I want to say in this post is this: What if...what if...that is a question I have so often asked myself and asked God.... What if...I didn't have this problem? What if... I was born into a different family? What if...I died tomorrow? What if...all I have was lost? What if? What if? But instead of asking "What if?" why don't we try saying "Thank you"? Thank you for this problem. thank you for this family. Thank you for life. Thank you for all I have...because we don't know what tomorrow holds... we don't know what the next two seconds hold... but HE DOES! He is already there and He holds it all in His hands! Because isn't the question "What if" almost as if we are telling God that we aren't thankful for what we have? Isn't it like saying "Well, thank you for all I have, but couldn't you have done better?" And who would want to say that to God?! Who would want to look our creator in the eyes, and say "I'm dissapointed in what you have done"?! Just something to process.....

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