Sunday, November 25, 2012


Today was our third and FINAL Thanksgiving.... My youngest cousin and I spent the night at my grandma's to help cook and get everything ready... this morning I drove to church and came back early to help set up for the day. Everyone started showing up around 12:30. It's always interesting to have the cousins together, and this time we added three new people -my two oldest cousin's boyfriends and my brother's girlfriend. what a household!! Thanksgiving is family dysfuntion at it's best. Other than being tired of turkey, mashed potatoes, and all the thanksgiving fixings, it was a long day with a slight headache. But I found a way to make it a great day!! My youngest cousin and I took pictures yesterday, and around 3:30 I told my brother and his grifriend that I wanted to take pictures of them...
Such a cute picture :) I am determining that they will get married, because I love this girl to pieces. She is such a joy and she is good to my brother... He is good to her!! They make each other laugh and I honestly think having her around has helped my brother and I's relationship... somehow... :)
This morning was very rough for me... full of lots of things I wish i could avoid, but happen nontheless... but I got some encouragement from a few people that I would like to share with you... The first is from a bible teacher I had in 6th grade... she is absolutely amazing... she texted me with the words "Nothing comes our way without passing through His hands first..." That really hit me... that God knows all I'm dealing with, and He knows the outcome... I just have to trust that whatever He let go through His hands to me, I can handle THROUGH and WITH Him... and that He has a reason and a plan...
The second I want to share is from a woman at our church. She is my "gramma". Love her to death, and she never fails to make me smile... She responded with "through our cracks God's light shines through!" That is something we talked about last year in small groups... that maybe the cracks in us are ways of Him shining through us when there seemed to be no other way.. Maybe the cracks aren't a bad thing, but good...she also asked me a question... "what are three words describing this time between thanksgiving and the start of advent?"
This question made me think...but I came up with "awaiting...slowing...and Holy..." She came up with " Spirit."
What are three words you could use to describe this time???
Be grateful. Be eucharisteo. Be holy for Him.

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