Thursday, December 20, 2012


And then the snow fell...
All crystal white and soft...Gently falling...falling...falling. And that's how He came. Down. He fell down to earth, He humbled Himself for us. He came down in the humbles of forms, in the smallest He could be. A child. Born of a virgin. Born of a virgin. That proves God's incredible power, doesn't it?
He is the gift that keeps on giving. He is the gift that we continue to share. And I look out at the snow once more...

And it calls me. Oh, how it calls me. It brings me to remember. His grace. His mercy. His goodness.
Immanuel. God with us. And He is. Oh, how He is. Our comfort, our peace, because of His wounds. Because He came down, He simpled Himself. God incarnet became infant. God in heavenly relms became God on this lowly earth. From being in a room of vast glory that was almost too small for Him, to being curled in a ball, in a mother's womb, that could barely hold Him. He gave up the River of Life to give us life. That mystery - of a baby King. He is the mystery. And He revealed the large mystery - by being small.
He is the gift that we wrap and unwrap. We can give away His love. We can give away His grace. We can unrap His love. We can unwrap His grace.

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