Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hey guys.... I might be distant for a while as finals approach, but I will try to post something short on saturday or sunday at least...
Speaking of finals, that's on the topic I want to discuss : Stress vs peace.
I know how easy it is to get caught up and lost in all the stress this life brings us, especially as finals approach, as the holiday comes up, and as everything gets just  a little more chaotic. The thing is...Although it's so easy to let stress overcome us, we can choose to let peace encompass us. We can choose to look to the Lord, and ask Him to fill us with His presence. Because, reality is...He is always with us, just waiting for us to see Him. So then, why does it seem so hard to let Him in? Why do we choose stress over peace? Well, I think there are a few answers here...
1 - we are human. it's in our nature, so its how we usually and naturally respond to all the chaos life can bring!
2 - we are prideful. We don't like to admit that we need help to find peace. We don't want to have to call on someone else to take our problems from us, because well, "I can handle it
3 - It's easier this way... It doesn't take as much effort. Sometimes I think we are just lazy. too lazy to care.
Now... I will honestly admit that I am being a hypocrite here... There is so much stress right now, and it honestly feels too hard to give up...if that makes any sense at all...It just seems like I can't feel God's peace...then again, I haven't exactly asked for it... So that's my plan for tonight...for right now... To ask for His peace...
And I just did. And it's crazy how I feel it. Already. So soon. Within seconds. Because of simple words. God is just that good. God is just that gracious. Incredible.
Now, my picture wouldn't upload, but today I wrote four things on my hand... Yaweh, Joy, Grace, and God-struck. It was a reminder to me all day. Of how when we whisper, God's name, "Yaweh" is said. How in Him, we can have constant joy. How He is forever providing grace. How I need to learn to constantly live and be God-struck. Because He deserves our awe. I'm out of words...in so many ways.
On a new topic... I've been writing some new CHRISTmas songs lately...I want to share one with you all...It's just a rough draft ( I am so excited to get a new cd recorded by wednesday!!!), but I think it gives the message...
I didn't listen to it before I posted it, so I'm hoping it's the right one :p It's from Mary's perspective... not all the emotions are in there, but her awe-struck moment is there I believe..... let me know what you guys think... shoot me a message on facebook, or if you have my number, text me :)
So I leave you with this...
Hold a pause.
Be God-struck
Live eucharisteo.
"How when you are turned away from God, life turns ugly, but when you are turned toward God, life turns lovely."
Push back the dark, and let the light shine.
love you guys

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