Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wrapping and Unwrapping

It's been a rough day, guys! So i took to curling my hair :p
It always puts me in a good mood....but one other thing from today...
When everything goes wrong, God is the only thing that is right. And even in the midst of struggle, today, I've been finding joy from Him.
A friend texted me and said "I wish I could take it away from you...I'm sad"
I simply replied "why?"
She said "Because you are having a rough day"
I simply laughed...and I told her, You can be sad, but not too sad...because maybe God is strengthening me for something...and no matter what, He is still good.
You know, as CHRISTmas comes around, everyone is so excited for the presents...and the family time...and the food....and honestly, I am too! But this year, I'm going to make sure it's different- at least for me... I want to make sure that I tell Jesus "Happy Birthday!"
we are always so ready to celebrate someone's birthday with presents and with a cake...then why are we so often forgetting the guest of honor? The main event? The entire reason we can celebrate!!! This year, make it a point to tell Him happy birthday...maybe even get a small cake in honor of Him ;)
Also, a friend just texted me saying her mom and her got in a big fight....please keep her in your prayers...Let's be prayer warriors here, guys! I'm praying for all of you.

One more thing....I told you all I reached 500 blessings, right? I'm really excited about that...but one thing to keep in's not all about the's about constantly recognizing blessings for what they are...blessings!
The Lord continues to give us grace and mercy and unending love, and all we must do is unwrap simple love! Tis the season for gift wrapping, right? Then let's take a challenge! Each time you wrap a gift, you unwrap 3 :)
So, let's say you wrap a gift for your sibling, or your child, then you count 1) family gathering in celebration 2) colorful wrappings of gifts and 3) blessed and being a blessing
I think that sounds pretty joyful :)
The Lord calls us to be children of joy. Let's be children of joy together.
I know this wasn't as "poetic" as the others, but I'm really tired and there is a lot on my mind!! Thank you, all of you, for reading my means more than you know...
More love than words can express,

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