Sunday, February 10, 2013

When you want to hide, hide in Him

Where do you go when you're at your end?
Where CAN you go?
Where is safe?
This world has become so corrupt, so disturbed, so lost, that no one knows where to begin running to. And honestly, sometimes it's hard to believe that there really is somewhere ha is safe.

How many of you have had questions?
How many of you have had questions...but no answers?
That's where I'm at tonight. My mind is running so rampant that I'm at the verge of tears. A part of me says that I need to let it all go. But another part of me says to keep analyzing and maybe there will be an answer... And what I've realized lately, is that even if there really are no answers to some of my questions, it's going to be okay!! Even if I feel like I need to run and hide, it will be okay! Even if I feel like there is no where and no one that is safe, it will be okay!!
Because when we are at our lowest, God is at His highest.
When we are hunkered down on the floor in tears, He is on the throne of grace.
When we are that one sheep that is lost, He is the Shepard chasing after us.
When we are simply us, He is God. 
And that, my friends, will never change.
He will never change. 
His love for us will never change...
And His love? It's more than unending, it's more than strong, it's more than anything yo can comprehend or dream of. His love? It's fierce. It's a love so strong that He can't let us feel how powerful it is because we wouldn't be able to handle it.
Can you imagine?! A love that strong...that its unimaginable.
It blows my mind.
And He loves each and every one of us with that same amount of fierce love.
Now, how He makes us feel His love, that's a good thing to think about
Lets think about this for a second... How man of you have gone through a trial? How many of you have gone through pain? And joy? What about happiness (They are two different things)? That's how...that's how He shows us His love. In the midst of every struggle, every ache, every tear, He lets us break, but He also catches every piece that falls... He catches every tear...
I want you to remember that... That He is our sustainer...
And He, my friends, is safe.

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